Acknowledging the presence and the power of God, and grounded in a desire to serve in the Spirit of the Gospel, we work in ways which: Motivate people of different backgrounds to work together; Become a voice for the voiceless; Promote greater justice in community affairs; Help people share what they have with others

Food Pantry

Barb Grzegorczyk

This ministry provides groceries to families of our parish and the local community who are struggling to meet their daily need of feeding their family.… Read More

Hiking in the City

Barb Grzegorczyk

Spreading the “Good News” through action.  (Monthly)  Volunteers walk the streets of Grand Rapids Heartside area carrying backpacks filled with drinks, snacks, and sundry items… Read More

Giving Tree

Contact - See Bulletin during proper season for contact information

Giving Tree (December) – This is an outreach ministry that provides gifts and food baskets containing the Christmas meal to needy families in both our parish… Read More


Holy Redeemer began participating with area churches in the H2H program in 2009. The purpose of the program is to provide food to children who… Read More

Gateway Mission (formerly Holland Rescue Mission)

This ministry provides volunteers with hands-on experience of what it means to “Feed the Hungry!”  Once a month, volunteer families (children 12 & over) will… Read More

Operation Bounty

See Bulletin during proper season for contact information

Operation Bounty (November) – This is an outreach ministry that provides food baskets containing the Thanksgiving meal to needy families in our parish and Ottawa… Read More

Operation Easter Joy

Operation Easter Joy (March/April) – This ministry provides a food basket that contains the Easter meal to needy families in Ottawa County. Volunteer families (adults… Read More

Parish Twinning

This ministry will foster the continued growth of our twinning relationship with our sister parish, Mission San Miguel (sam miˈɣel). The Twinning Parish village is San… Read More

Picnic in the Park

May through September this ministry gives one the opportunity to reach out to those living on the street.  In a “picnic setting” volunteers will socialize… Read More